Lead from Self Awareness

Uncover your unique leadership style and strengths, and lead your team to results without burnout.

Glowe Leadership Accelerator

This powerful group leadership development experience is designed for people who need to lead engaged, high-performing teams, and who are completely committed to a journey of increased self awareness, vulnerability, and authenticity.

During each 6-month virtual container, you will join a curated group of leaders in monthly 90-minute learning and group coaching, access to energy management sessions, and an in-person retreat. You will also have 10 1-on-1 coaching sessions to use throughout the 6 months.

"This experience has significantly enhanced my self-awareness, enabling me to thrive as a leader, mentor, and communicator. If you're seeking rejuvenation in your personal or career journey, it's a remarkable catalyst for change."
-Sarah Oliver, CFO

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Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Transformation in your company begins with you. Reach out to begin designing your path to greater self awareness and better results.

Executive Coaching: Through a 3-6 month goals-focused engagement, we deepen self awareness through articulating values, strengths, talents and interests, explore and shift mindset, and work on nervous system regulation.

Leadership Development: We create a custom program for a group of leaders in alignment with your organizational goals and strategy. Commonly requested focus areas are trust, communication, accountability, and leading effective teams.

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When you invest in yourself, you invest in your team


Find your unique leadership style, maintain energy and productivity, inspire your team, and take purposeful steps toward your most important goals.


With the support of a coach, and your desired results in focus, put your new skills, mindsets, and behaviors into action.


See the ripple effect as your empowered, inspired, and energized leadership approach enhances employee and client experience and creates business results.


Become a more self aware, productive leader.

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