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Igniting energy in leaders.
Transforming business outcomes.

Glowe creates the culture and systems that bring clarity and build synergy across organizations

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Traditional Business Operating Models Need to Evolve

The old, “comfortable” ways of doing things are keeping organizations and their people from reaching their full potential. Today’s leaders are unequipped to navigate the move to a more people-first, heart-led way of running a business. Glowe is here to lead the shift toward human-centered leadership that transforms businesses and their people.

Whitney Kenter speaking in front of whiteboard

Uncover and Solve Your Most Pressing Challenges

When you hire Glowe, you’re not hiring just any consultancy.

Glowe’s unique alchemy is born out of our tailored process and the experts who guide leaders through it. Our approach results in radical clarity for you and your team so that your business can thrive.

Your path to growth with Glowe starts by partnering on:

  • strategic planning and prioritization
  • energy, culture, and values alignment
  • executive coaching and team development

Empowering Leaders to Create Positive, Lasting Change

“Working with Glowe created win-win-wins across the board with clients, our board, and for me as the founder. Their expertise across different industries and working with different C-level execs gives them a very unique vantage point from which to advise and take on various roles within the organization…I think of them as a Chief Strategic Officer.”

Jenn Kenning

Jenn Kenning

CEO, Align Impact

“Working with Ariana, I have created new habits, a new structure for managing my time, and a new outlook on handling difficult people and situations.”

Rick Higgins

Rick Higgins

CEO, Risclarity

“We came to Glowe for assistance in fine tuning our messaging, and they provided so much more than that. They drilled deeply into the essentials of who we are as a firm, getting to know us from the inside out — what motivates us and what makes us truly unique.”

Kara Pass

Kara Pass

President and CEO,
Market Street Trust Company

“Our organization has gone through a significant transformation during this time period, and I can unequivocally say that we would not be thriving at our current level without Glowe’s involvement.  What started as an ask to help energize our culture, has turned into a deeply integrated strategic partnership.”

Matt Ronken

Matt Ronken

CEO, UnCommon Farms

“I’ve had a few coaches in the past and Ariana, by far, has had the greatest impact on both me and my business. She helped me rediscover my passion for what I do, why I do it, and what I can do next to continue to allow my passions to motivate me professionally.”

Michelle Eisenhart

Michelle Eisenhart

Founder and President,
Fly Pages Marketing

“My business was on the verge of great things, but I needed a partner to push me to explore what it might take to get to the next level. Celeste and Whitney gave me that push. They helped me think differently about our team and our culture, and gave me a roadmap to grow the former and improve the latter — and it has transformed our business.”

Matt Homan

Matt Homann

Founder & CEO, Filament

“Throughout the process of working with Glowe, they helped me realize the importance of following my passion while aligning that with my professional goals.”

Camilo Ferro

Camilo Ferro

Founder, E2EMC

“My productivity has been on an upwards trajectory from the time I started working with Ariana. If I were to describe Ariana’s contribution in the past few years, I would use just one word: invaluable.”

Abhishek Dwaraki

Abhishek Dwaraki

Research Engineer, Washington University in St. Louis

The Glowe Effect

“The challenges of today’s world are best answered by people who are fully supported in doing their best work. The future is about the emergence of self-awareness, alignment, and honoring time and energy—in other words, what helps people to not just survive, but glowe. Our team is made up of compassionate leaders whose mission it is to help you get reconnected with what lights you up and radiate that energy from the top down.”

-Whitney Kenter | CEO & Founder, Glowe

Meet the Glowe Team


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