Glowe Forums

I am SO EXCITED to share that I’m launching our first Glowe Forums.

They're designed for the glowe-minded leader who wants to be in community with like-minded peers, and go deeper in their pursuit of gloweing.

This will be part self-exploration, utilizing my network of “glowe accelerators” to help us in our journey, and part connection to our purposes, and each other.

We will tie all of it to our real lives and the roles we play. Because what’s the good of learning something if we can’t integrate and use it to help us glowe brighter?

You will meet new people, and find new ways to see yourself. But my most sincere hope is that you begin (and continue) the micro shifts toward gloweing - and that you don't have to do it alone.

Woman journaling on the floor in front of a couch.

What can I expect?

During this six months, you will:

...uncover your personal operating system
...make transformative shifts to align with your authentic self a trusted peer network to support and encourage you on your journey
...access the collective wisdom of your forum as you navigate your day-to-day life

The initial commitment is six months, and it’s $1,000 per month. We will meet each month, in person for three hours. In addition, we'll have a designated channel for conversations between our meetings.

Each month will be a little bit of learning and exploration and also time for facilitated discussions about “real life."
In months one and two, we'll really focus on personal discovery. In addition to our group time, you’ll have a one-on-one with me for our proprietary “glowe starter” session, and a sixty minute meeting for some self exploration with one of our guest Glowe Accelerators.

Months three through six will include learning about your brain and biology, and how to help these work to your advantage. At the same time, we'll learn about how to stay connected to your personal design, desires, and circumstances so we can tune in to what helps you uniquely glowe.

We have much more to share than we can do in six months, so there will also be an opportunity to keep going on the journey as a group.
If this interests you, and you want to learn more or reserve a spot, shoot me a note and let’s Glowe!