Lauren Jones

Chief Synergy Officer

Lauren is a growth expert known for her results-oriented and human-centered approach with clients. With over 25 years of experience in finance, strategy, relationship building, and partnerships, Lauren has a unique ability to help leaders and teams move forward in alignment with their purpose, values, and business strategy.

Lauren’s career began in financial services, where her talents for both exceptional client service and technical problem solving led her to success across many different roles. Her experience includes business financial analysis and strategy, building and managing high-performing teams, creating partnership networks, and serving as an advisor to high net worth individuals and families including financial planning, investment management and customized lending.

Following two decades in the corporate world, in pursuit of a life better aligned with her values, strengths, and motherhood, Lauren began a new path as a business consultant and coach. She helped her clients to engage in personal and cultural transformation within their leadership role, rethink structures and processes, and tie everything back to clear goals and strategy. In 2024, she decided to join the team, and the broader movement at Glowe, in changing the way business gets done.

Lauren is an active member of the Society of International Business Fellows, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Certified Life Designer® Coach and a member of the Inner Circle for Conscious Coaches.

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