Create Your Legacy When the Time is Right For YOU

Whitney Kenter
Whitney Kenter
Jan 25, 2022

Each year as we approach the end of December and the beginning of January, we are urged to begin anew. Some years, this feels like a time of excitement and motivation. Other years, it feels like too much pressure. The point is, the time that is right for you to take action in growing your legacy as a leader has nothing to do with the calendar. When it's time, you'll know. And once you know, you shouldn't wait a moment longer. As I wrote in my 2022 New Year Letter, "Do the work to figure out who you TRULY are and what makes you Glowe, and then go all in."

How do you go all in?

What I really want to share is - don’t wait. Do the work to figure out who you TRULY are and what makes you Glowe and then go all in. I began 2021 with all the ‘safety nets’ in place, but not quite fulfilling my purpose or going all in. I can tell you that safety net got ripped from out from under me and after I processed through the emotions, I came out the other side a different person.And now. I am REALLY Glowe-ing. Like, Neon Pink, brightness UP full blast glowing. I waited due to doubts and fears, which the wiser, experienced fellow Glowe humans would all tell you is just a waste of energy. And they are ALL CORRECT.So, I compiled a short list of personal lessons from 2021.

  • Leaning into my super powers and trusting my intuition were the keys to unlocking possibilities I could have NEVER imagined.
  • Setting boundaries is a powerful action that leads to more energy and accelerates the good things you desire and are working to attract.
  • Alignment is the best time bender. Combined with the courage to stay true to your aligned path. It’s not always an EASY path, but it’s for sure an accelerant.
  • Humans supporting humans is the most gratifying feeling. Support, encouragement, and holding space for each person brings me IMMENSE joy.

  • Energy and time are the two most sought after resources and yet both finite. Shift the focus from seeking more of them to using both. ONLY on things that fuel you and are aligned with your higher purpose keeps you in flow and magically you’ll create enough of both.

I am half way through my 49th lap and I’m grateful I figured out these very important lessons. In 2021, I fed the flames and I ended the year with a glowe unrivaled in my lifetime (thus far). I am grateful for those who didn’t believe and didn’t want me to glowe. I am grateful for the challenges, fears and doubts.However, I am MOST grateful for the groundswell of supporters, champions, mentors and true believers that are helping us unlock human potential so we can ALL Glowe.

Does this resonate? Drop us a line at We would love to hear your Glowe story!

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