Instead of Work-Life Balance, Seek Harmony

Whitney Kenter
Whitney Kenter
Mar 23, 2021

How often have you heard or used the phrase “work-life balance?” How many articles have you seen discussing hacks for “achieving” it, calls to improve it, and companies touting it as an employee experience trophy? If you’re like me, you’ve invested a great deal of time and energy into trying to “improve the balance” for yourself and your employees. Now, I think it’s time we shift our perspective.

Starting today, I’d like to invite you to stop spending your time and energy solving for work-life balance. In its place, begin your pursuit of harmony, and commit yourself to supporting your employees in finding it, too.

Work is a part of life

I started Glowe Connective as a result of a decade being a student about me: who I “am,” my purpose, my wounds and karmic debt, and my natural gifts. For better or for worse, I have never had a lot of regard for walls between work and life. I couldn’t help but wonder how to align all of my thoughts and experiences with changing the way business is done. I knew that one piece of the puzzle was for individuals to break the chains that bound them to this mindset. But all of my exploration ultimately led to this question:

How can we expect individuals to truly integrate all the incredible self awareness, healing, and evolving they are practicing, if the businesses where they work don’t support or integrate their purpose and talents?

Business must play a role, and Glowe is here to help

Glowe Connective is a catalyst for a big change in business. We are at the very beginning of a massive shift: an opportunity to heal the relationship between people and business, and allow both to evolve to their full potential. Your business will glowe when your people are aligned with your mission, vision, and values, living in their superpowers, and supported by the right systems, culture, and technology.

Riding the wave of this shift can feel overwhelming, but we all have to start somewhere. It’s a journey of small changes that lead to big ones, and constant curiosity about your business, your people, your customers, and the world around you. There are parts of it you’ll undertake on your own, and times when you’ll want an integrated outside perspective like Glowe Connective to help you get unstuck.

Are you ready to join us in pursuit of glowe?

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