Prioritizing Human Energy for Business Success with Whitney Kenter

Whitney Kenter
Whitney Kenter
May 16, 2023

Whitney Kenter is a catalyst for transformation not only as the CEO and founder of Glowe Connective, an unconsultancy designed to disrupt entrenched patterns, ignite the energy of leaders, and transform business outcomes, but also as an empowering human!

In today's episode of the Modern Mindfulness Podcast, you'll hear a powerful and vulnerable flow of conversation ranging from career paths and leadership, to leaving abusive relationships and personal healing and growth.  Whitney shares her 'trust life' type of true story — professionally and personally — which she describes as a journey from black and white to living in full blown technicolor.

Podcast Thumbnail - "Modern Mindfulness Podcast Ep. 65 Prioritizing Human Energy for Business Success featuring Whitney Kenter of Glowe Connective"
Listen here.

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